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Real Clients Speak Volumes About Positive Physical Change

Many men, women, and kids have employed Lori Scarpo's personal training services to achieve their physical fitness goals.  Some wanted to lose weight and get in better shape, some wanted to gain weight and increase muscle tone, and some just wanted to get stronger and be more fit.  With a customized eating plan and workout routines, many clients have experienced the added benefit of lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, and much improved health overall.  Here are just a few examples of Lori Scarpo's many satisfied clients; you can see their "before" photos in the Before/After section of this web site.

 Lose weight and lower your blood pressure.  Work out in Torrance.

Shelly: "Due to a life-changing injury, I gained a lot of weight.  With Lori's help, I have lost 60+ pounds in less than 7 months.  Lori's eating plan is easy to follow, and her workout program is great.  I highly recommend Lori as a personal trainer who will help you lose weight and get stronger so you can live your life to the fullest."

   Lose weight,get stronger with a diet and work out by Lori Scarpo, Personal Trainer Heather: "I needed to lose a lot of weight. With Lori's personal training, including a workout and diet, I have lost 85 pounds! I have met my fitness goals of lowing weight and increasing muscle tone.  I also have lower cholesterol as a result of Lori's eating plan.  I am strong and fit, and feel good about myself."
 Increase muscle tone with Lori Scarpo, Personal Trainer Trudy: "I wanted to increase muscle tone.  Check out my before picture to see how Lori helped me meet my goals!"    Workout and get a reasonable diet to lose weight Connie: "I have trained with Lori for many years, and I love it. I lost more than 45 pounds with her program. Lori is very motivating. When I am finished with a session with Lori, she often walks on the treadmill with me for an hour."
Meet your fitness goals with a good eating plan and a work out.  Lose weight with Lori Scarpo, Personal Trainer.     Kris: "I am 6 feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds when I met Lori. She told me she was going to help me lose at least 125 pounds. I laughed at her and said "No way!" Lori put me on a food plan, cardio, and weight lifting program. I lost 55 pounds in three months, over 75 pounds in 6 months, and 125 pounds in one year! I couldn't have done it without Lori. She was motivating and caring. Thank you so much for changing my life, Lori!"    Lower cholesterol, get stronger, and lose weight with Lori Scarpo, Personal Trainer Jody: "I had finally quit smoking and socked on 15 pounds on top of the extra weight I was already carrying. With Lori's eating plan, weight training, and cardio, I dropped 30 pounds in 3 months. The eating plan was easy to follow, and is the only one that doesn't make me feel hungry or deprived. My cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are also vastly improved; my doctor told me 'Whatever you're doing, stay with it.!' "